New articles up at Hello Giggles

New articles up at Hello Giggles

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Y’all, what a month. I had three pieces published at Hello Giggles. If you are at all interested in love or caffeine, check them out HERE.

New article up at XO Jane

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Honored to be published at XOJane! Not a fun topic, but I know there are a lot of women out there who have been through this. Here is just my little slice of truth. Check the article out HERE.

New article up at Scary Mommy

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Guys being pregnant brings up about one million emotions. That, plus growing a human brain, can get a little exhausting.

So happy to be featured at Scary Mommy where I wrote about some of my fears about bringing a this beebee into this world. Check it out HERE.


why hello there…

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It has been a while since my book came out in paperback, the last big milestone in the publishing journey.  Man! What a ride. I wanted to write and blog and share every emotion I experienced as I finally saw my goals come into fruition – BUT I COULDN’T. I had nothing to say for a while, and I think that is ok. I think I needed it.

Honestly, finally being completely vulnerable with your art and words and stories and books is terrifying. It just is! Right after my book was officially out there for the world to read,  I wanted to hide in my bed for the rest of my life with my cats. Sure, it was a little awesome to see people buying your work and being able to check such a huge dream off your to-do list, but as exciting as that felt it was equally horrifying that people all over the universe were able to read and judge and criticize something you invested so much of your heart and time into. There was a good few weeks after it came out when I thought – will I even write again? Because at that moment, I didn’t want to. Ever again.

But guess what kids? These feelings eventually passed, and for that I am grateful. Yes, it is scary to put yourself out there, but I am a strong believer that you need to lean into fear and doubt. That is the place where things get interesting. The thing that often gets us the most excited and makes us feel most alive is more than likely not always going to be the most comfortable thing. But for me, risking rejection and terrible Amazon reviews (FYI, it is super helpful when critiquing a book to call an author a dumb blonde. Oh, Amazon reviewer, thanks for that note! I will try to write more like a brunette next time, you butt), is far less scary than living a life dreams unpursued. It is far less scary that succumbing to a life of chasing comfort and safety and one day thinking – holy crap! What if? “What if” is what scares me most.

So, I am writing another book, and it feels awesome. I allowed myself to feel scared, vulnerable, stupid and scared for a bit, and eventually I was able to move past that. I gave myself time. Sometimes you just need time. Yes, I am not rich off my book (yet), and yes, there is a chance that  my next one might completely suck (It totally doesn’t. Ok maybe it does. I don’t know! Agrh! Art you are a bitch), but I will keep writing for reasons I honestly don’t fully understand. All I know this: is I love it, sometimes I am good at it, so I will keep writing. Because I love it.

Ok so,  also check out this photo. This was literally a dream come true! I can’t tell you how many times I have come to this exact book shelf at started at all these books in jealousy. I mean, I know you are not supposed to be jealous…but I was so bad. To see my little bookie wookie up there – MAN. It felt good.

Book on shelf

Ok so also look at this photo, mostly because it was the next one on  my camera roll, and it is also a dream come true. Cute husband + obese cat + wingback chair + coffee: what more could you want out of a life moment?



Ugly Poodle Friday – contributed edition

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Hello all and Happy Friday.

Today’s Ugly Poodle Friday has a bit of a twist. I was featured on the blog Chick Lit Central yesterday, which was awesome. They are running a giveaway of my book (open until April 16 at midnight if you want to enter!) and one of their suggestions was to post a picture of an ugly poodle to enter. BRILLIANT.

Here are some of the entries thus far. Enjoy.
Pink Poodles

OK look at these little powder-puffs. I think these correctly embody all that is the dyed poodle – classic, pink, not to gigantic. I actually approve of these little creatures – don’t tell.

Ugly Poodle WHAT

This poodle looks like a combination of a dead rooster and a bacon and egg breakfast gone bad. Like … what? I actually featured this in my early ugly-poodle posting days, it is nice to see it resurface. Also, are those french fries sticking out of its legs?


This guy is actually pretty dang cute as well. I mean … that smile! How is that a thing. And those glasses just add to the tacky goodness. Although, I do wish the owner had put a pair of pants on this guy – gross. (idontwanttoseeyourpoodlejunk)

Ugly Poodles - Rainbow

Skittles. These dogs make me want Skittles. NOW.

Ugly Poodle - Blue Puff

And there is this little blueberry to wrap things up. Delightful.

Anyway, it was fun having readers submit these. If you ever want to send a poodle my way, please do! I would love to see what you can scrounge up on the interwebs.

And finally, I would like to conclude today with a SPECIAL TREAT. I came across a French bulldog instagram account today that will CHANGE YOUR LIFE. To erase all terrifying  poodle images from your brain, please feel free to pursue this little guy’s pics. Because they are way. too. cute.





Ugly Poodle Friday – Human Edition

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Hey kids.

So my thespian husband and I were Googling for today’s ugly poodle of choice, and we noticed something:


This atrocity is not just limited to La Poodles.

So, here are a few hot messes for your viewing pleasure that we came across.


Ugly Poodle - Old Guy

This guy – I can’t even take it. HE IS PERFECTION.


I have been thinking about getting my hairs ‘did. I should bring in this photo as an example. “I will take one 90′s socialite girlfriend with a side of poodle connected to my face please.” I am am sure they can do that down at Austin’s famed Robots & Hearts Salon.


And then there is just this guy. I know we all went through our awkward teenage state… but this…this just can’t even be commented on. #ew #ew.

For more of this human-hair goodness, check out this creepy link I found.

Happy Friday!




Ugly Poodle Friday

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Dragon Poodle

Um, wow. Eyebrows. Those are some SERIOUS eyebrows. I kinda like them…

Also, were those wings photoshopped on later? Or are they actually attached?

Either way, this fire-breathing little guy is TERRIFYING. But probably also quite cuddly and a lovely companion, once you get the devil-red hair dye washed off and get him down from this cardboard castle!

Happy Ugly Poodle Friday folks!

Finally! The book is officially PUBLISHED.

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The day is here! My book is officially PUBLISHED, available in e-book and PAPERBACK.

It has been a long, strange, terrifying and exhilarating journey, one I could not have done without the help and support of a cluster of humans. (Kyle, Shelby J, Shelby S, Andrea, Rusty, Allison — ok basically everyone at Shelton Interactive, Christy McFerren, my editor Samantha March and all the other people in my life who provide inspiration and encouragement).

I am so glad I jumped on the indie publishing train – it is amazing to be able to take control of every aspect of your work, share your voice with the world and take control of your dreams. Overwhelming at times, but in the end – worth it!

Anyway – if you haven’t checked out La Book out quite yet, now is an opportune time! You can find it on Amazon. Soon, near the end of the month it will be available on B&, Apple iBooks, and much more.

Earlier this week, I was able to celebrate life, my book and my birthday with some AMAZING friends + one husband in Seattle. We stayed at The Alexis Hotel, which is incredible! Look what they set up in our room before we arrived:

Ugly Poodle Beers

Amazing! also, I was able to drop off a few copies of my book to have them put in their author suite. Whatttt an honor!


Anyway, just wanted to give The Alexis a well deserved shout out.

AND FINALLY, I must ask – is there something in your life that you have been wanting to finish, accomplish or achieve, but have been holding back because of fear + doubt + laziness? If so, here is my gentle kick in the rear to go for it. Life is short, juicy and such a beautiful gift from God – I hope you savor every day.



Ugly Poodle Friday

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This is not a poodle.

It is a LLAMA.

Happy Friday.



Ugly Poodle Friday

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ComboOhhhh man! This poodle is an African safari delight. I went to Africa once, so you can trust me at this poodle haircut’s accurate depiction of the native wildlife.

The only thing that could improve this style is if they somehow incorporated a hippo into the mix. Step up your game, people!

Happy Friday, happy March!